Benefits of Massages

Massage therapy has been used for years to improve ones health and wellbeing. In fact it’s been around for thousands of years. It can be good for relieving stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. There’s many scientific benefits (even though more research is needed), to getting this form of alternative medicine.

There are different types of massages included in Raynor Massage, such as shiatsus, the Swedish massage, hot rocks, and other deep tissue massage therapy. Hot rock massages have been proven effective in reducing inflammation within injured and tired muscles and improving blood circulation due to the heat and steam emanating from stones. It has also been thought to help bring your chi and energies into balance when the stones are placed on certain places on your back. Research is still needed for this claim however.

Studies have also revealed that massages can help improve healing within injured muscles. When massages are performed certain proteins are elevated and are able to signal mitochondria in the body to increase. When exercise is done, muscles receive small tears that need to be repaired. A rise in cell activity results, which requires loads of energy that is supplied by the mitochondria. So the more kneading and massaging is done, the more protein is created. More protein equals more mitochondria, so more energy is created to help move along the healing process.

Even though more studying is needed to fully figure out the scientific benefits of massage therapy, there is still plenty of evidence to show that some improvement is made from getting them. The results are temporary though, and as a result it is necessary to continue getting the massages done.

About me

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An Overview on How to Learn Massage in Spain


From common knowledge, massage is essential to human body. From relieving stress, muscle pains, anxiety, solving mental health problems and other countless benefits, it is prudent enjoying these services occasionally. Interest in learning this automatically develops once you begin the sessions. With passion and interest, you will find it easy to learn massage.

From the start, you can attest that training to be a massage therapist in Spain is easy. This is due to the availability of many qualified instructors passionate about their work. Additionally, many Spanish massage learning schools are providing all the essential requirements. To find the best, however, consider the following key points.

Tips on Finding a Good Institution to Learn Massage

Type of school

In Spain, there are three categories of massage training schools. The first being mixed classes, women and bespoke. In mixed classes schools, both male and female can attend, the training session, unlike women classes where the only female are trained. On the other hand, bespoke involves training of a specialized cohort, for instance, a group of friends, workmates or families. Consider your situation therefore before engaging with any of the schools.


Performing a massage requires practical skills that are only acquired through lengthy working periods. A trainer with utmost experience will, therefore, equip you better compared to a newbie. By inquiring on the length of time the trainer has been offering the services, therefore, you can evaluate his/her experience. Choose and experienced professional.


In Spain, you will have to spend some coins to learn massage. However, different training spas charge at different rates. In as much as you have the interest of learning this, consider your financial muscle. Hire the services of an expert who augers well with your budget.


Referrals and reputation are other essential factors to consider before joining a trainer on how to learn massage in Spain. With interest and passion, however, you will find it easy sailing through the training phases.

Do you want to be a reflexology expert? This is what you need to know

Almost everyone has a goal and a desired profession. Unfortunately, not all people will make this happen. Many at times, people have found themselves in a wrong career, and that is why the incidences of people wanting to quite some profession to another or just to seat and do some self-employed stuff are increasing; and reflexology is not an exception here. Here is how to learn reflexology and stick to it…

Have an understanding

It is not very much involving learning reflexology in the America; however, all you need is first to understand what you are going into. This will help you not to make any unnecessary mistake of choose a discipline you are not interested in. Just to give you the real picture of this study, it entails you to understand that human body have been made with reflex joints, which relate to other parts of the body; as a result, this forms a kind of communication pattern, for the well-being of the soul.

Study in America

There are several massage training schools in America, which teach this subject. However, the whole learning is universal, and what you can get in America, can as well be offered in other countries. To begin with, you need to give yourself a reflexology treat. Understand how it feels from your own experience, and you will be in a good position to do the same to someone else.

It all starts from somewhere…

Yes, it all starts by trying to use reflexology on several parts of your body. Apply this technique on your ear, hands, or feet. Then treat other members of your family; this is a perfect way to begin, it helps you master the techniques. Then go further and think how you can use it to treat other arrays of symptoms. If you feel you are ready to go, then go ahead and look for a professional reflexologist to help you advance.